WPT – Joe Hachem – Lucky Enough

Joseph Hachem Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Wait is that the same table that other guy hit running 7,7 on? They do edit a lot of hands for television I think.

  2. the key word is KID ay… he is a kid, joe is a WSOP main event winner and ambassador of poker.

  3. The kid wasn’t any more gracious, got straight up and walked out without shaking anyone’s hand or anything, lol.

  4. Where is luck ? He had the best hand PF and almost was suckouted.Idiot title

  5. Because you would honestly be chilled with a guy shipping with AQ and then sucking out with a 3 outer? Of course you would be raging, it’s called heart, passion, and emotion mate. It’s what us Aussies have, in every sport we play. How could you not be elated about hitting that Q?

  6. They are professionals playing a game that is worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for those stakes I’d be emotional too, that hand could’ve been that difference. He can act how he likes. Who died and made you the expert? Sorry it’s Youtube, I forgot we get wankers that think they are experts everywhere.

  7. i hate to say it because i think joe is a very good tourney player… but he is out of order sometimes, he sulks when the ace comes then jumps around when he fills up showing he is a bad loser and a bad winner in a matter of seconds…

    meanwhile david sat silently when he out drew him on the turn!

    IMO joe lacks class and for a professional he is very unprofessional!

  8. not only did he get owned he knew he got caught on camera. You see him look right at the camera when joe turns away

  9. this is not getting lucky its not getting unlucky
    he had the best hand when the money went

  10. ooooohhhhh man nice job!!!!!! high five best friend……..darn…..dont leave me hangin……..screw u!!!!!!! owned

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