Mikal Blomlie Turns WCOOP POY into Deep PCA Run

Mikal Blomlie has won WCOOP main title 2012 online and free trip to PCA final event 2013. The good news is that there are total 22 players only and there are huge chances of winning the main title and cash prize of $1.85 million. Mikal Blomlie is a popular poker player that has made more than 15 cashes in a single year and two major victories. Besides those victories, he was able to make the final table at WCOOP main event and huge cash prize.

Mikal Blomlie is playing poker from last six years. Initially, he started playing cards with his friends only. Prior to poker, he was working as a military officer from several years. It was poker that was taking his most of the times after military hours. According to Mikal Blomlie, it was really great time in army where he learned lots of discipline and other moral values. But poker is probably the single thing he is inspired the most. This is the reason why he decided to join the Internet poker world.

He was practicing online during his military hours and he was very much confident about his play. Finally he decided to join live poker tournament as a professional poker player. He started travelling different locations and at the end he found the life in poker only. Mikal Blomlie was able to manage two WCOOP title during tournament. He was not pre decided to play all the events at WCOOP tournament but everything was going smooth from beginning.

After winning two events, he was much confident and playing poker almost all the time. It was his experience that he was able to win the final WCOOP title. This was the major victory of his career where he has won more than $1.85 million.

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