Life Challenges

It was in Joe Hachem’s late teen that he began playing poker and his interest for poker increased that he become an exceptional player to watch out for when a game of poker is played. He has proven his worth in poker game as he has won so many poker players to become a world class player of poker.  He grew up in Melbourne, Australia where he learnt poker in casino venues.  It was an easy ride for Joe like some poker players whom the gods seem to favor without lots of challenges but his determination in poker paved fame for him in 2005 when he went home with seven million dollars from WSP grand price.  And this got other poker players thinking because most of them did not take him serious until he became a million from poker. And this propelled him to go for poker tournaments like the biggest of all poker games, WSOP in 2006. In Las Vegas, he made it to the final table but did not win the grand prize.

Poker has not stopped him from having fun with his family which is why he is seen once in a while around his family.  He has fought so many poker battles, lost and conquered which is what has made him thick. Joe’s life success is what every aspiring human should emulate because he has not allowed the dark side of life take him away from what he love mostly, poker and his family. If you have wealth and the love of family, your world is almost complete which is what he would not allow anything come in between. He has only won a bracelet in WSP but that is nothing that would force him into depression or hunger for more fame because he is a professional poker player that is content.

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