Juanda on Lederer

John is taken as legend poker player in the gambling world. He is a high profile poker player with amazing poker tricks and strategies. According to his statement, Lederer is not a bad guy but he should have taken more blame on himself. He wanted to express his views at video interview by Howard Lederer. Everybody knows that Lederer has given the interview for his own reasons. Obviously, he wants to improve his image as a good poker guy.

According to John Juanda, he should not have put his fingers at others. There is no doubt that he is the star of Full Tilt poker. There was a time when he was the boss of Ray Bitar. Ray had to inform him about small events and facts. Ray Bitar was not a good guy. Number of people had informed Lederer against Ray Bitar. But he was not ready to hear anyone. He trusted a wrong guy too much. According to John Juanda, Lederer is not a wrong person but he has trusted a wrong guy.

He must have observed the behavior and actions of Ray Bitar. More or less, but Lederer is also responsible for wrong situation. John Juanda is very much upset with his behavior. From last fifteen months, no one knows where Howard Lederer is? Everyone is blaming john Juanda and Eric for their money. According to John, he should apologize to other people who are facing lots of problems because of his wrong attitude.

John Juanda is still attached to Full Tilt poker. There are lots of memories there and he loves every moment of Full Tilt poker. John ahs a big friend circle over there. He is involved with the Company since beginning. Today, good people are running the Company and it will expand soon.

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