Joseph Hachem

Joseph Hachem, a Lebanese Australian poker player was born on March 11th, 1966. His stand to fame came when he won the 2005 World Series of Poker title and went on to becoming the first Australian to have ever won the tournament. He went on to win a whooping 7.5 million dollars as a prize money reward. He is nicknamed as the Diamond Joe within the poker circuit due to his huge wins as compared to the other personalities from the same origin. Joseph Hachem went on to winning the World Poker Tour title as well the following year at Bellagio and received a sum of 2.2 million dollars. He became one of the five top players to have won both, the World Series of Poker title as well as the World Poker Tour title.

His early years were spent working as a chiropractor. After working for a long 13 years he had to quit his job due to a rare blood disorder that had affected his hands. After that he went on to playing poker. The frequency with which he played poker began increasing day by day as he not only played on the Internet, but also in casinos as well. For the monetary investment he set up a brokerage business at Victoria. The biggest challenge that he faced during his initial poker stages was the controlling of his temper. He had to go through a lot of focus so as to bring himself to controlling his anger. After constant attempts at regular playing, he finally started entering tournaments, the first being at the Crown Casino at Melbourne. He continued playing in the Melbourne poker circuits before shifting his attention towards the World Series of Poker at Las Vegas in Nevada.

Joseph Hachem was a complete new player when he entered the World Series of Poker in 2005. Prior to the event he had thought of trying a hand at a casino in Canada called Bicycle Casino. He managed to finish 10th and it helped him to boost his confidence. He went on to winning the tournament eventually. Despite being a novice to the tournament, he did receive a lot of cheering from other Australians who were sitting in the audience. After his spectacular win, Joseph Hachem wrapped himself round the American flag and shouted out “Thank you, America.” His win had also made him develop a large fan base in Australia.

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