Joseph Hachem is the WSOP Champion

Las Vegas has the highest poker playing game called the World Series of Poker that has become what every player wants to win. In November Nine, 2012 at Las Vegas Main Event, a lot of players would be coming down here to play the game of poker.

The end is for fame and glory and there is no stopping for new and hungry players who would want to topple the experienced and famous players. The question is, “Who is going to win 2012 WSOP?” Players like Joseph Hachem love the no limit games. Absolutely, there is no end to betting in this game because you have the opportunity of betting as much as you want in a game.

A lot of poker players who started poker some few months ago are millionaires which mean that it is not only pro poker players who win always. Winning and losing is all about poker which is the reason why everyone has equally chance and opportunity of winning WSOP come November Nine 2012 can be won by a black horse no matter how Joseph Hachem become better in his games.

The reason why Joseph Hachem is winning his games most times is because he has device a customized playing pattern that gives him an edge over other players in the final table. And in recent years, Joseph Hachem has taken the game of poker to another level in the World Series of Poker that is popularly called WSOP. In the beginning, gambling was taken to be a game of irresponsible men who lavish their own in clubs and come home to beat their wives. Today, men like Joseph Hachem who are professional poker player have proven that poker is a card game that has nothing to do with irresponsibility but a career.

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