Johny Chan: A Steady Poker Player

Johnny Chan is a male poker player. He is a Chinese poker player. He was born in the city named as Guangzhou which is small city of the huge country china.

Surviving is such a huge population this man has proved himself in the poker playing field. Poker is such a huge game and not only the game but also the people in this game are of great knowledge and great techniques. He was born in china in the year 1957. His present age is nearly about 57 to 60 years of age being at such an age he manages to play poker so well that the young players also get scared of him they think before they are playing with this player. Learn and play poker player.

Though his hometown is china he is an American professional poker player. He has up to date won 10 World Series of poker bracelets. Winning 10 bracelets that to in the world series of the poker tournament is such a good achievement and also is a big task which was nearly impossible for the people with him to believe in. he has won these bracelets in the world series of poker held in the year 1987 and 1988 which are considered as the hardest and the toughest tournaments in the poker history. And not only the hardest but he proved himself simultaneously and consecutively two times in the world poker series.

Chan usually remembers the games played by him against the toughest players from the Asian continent. In the 1980’s he had won many championships events in the world series of poker which are usually abbreviated as the WSOP. Chan wanted to continue his family business but then he was junked with this game.

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