Jackie Glazier

As one of the best female poker player, Jackie Glazier has made successful inroads into the arena which is considered to be male dominant. Amongst the female poker players, she has not received the name and fame which she deserves in spite of her success. Born in Australia, this poker player was a very competitive person and had tried her hand in various sports before moving on to poker. She loved to play tennis and went to the United States for a championship. While completing her education, she was introduced to the game of poker by her friends and this is where she found her forte. She realized her aptitude and passion for the game of poker and decided to try her hand at it.

Once her mind was set for the game, she started her education and decided to master the game to the core. Once she started playing the cash games, there was no looking back. Her passion and desire to win each and every game gave her the strength to compete in this male dominant world. Within no time she moved on to the professional circuit and started playing this game full time by the end of the year 2008. This was the year when she also played live poker tournaments and proved herself in the international arena.

Making it to the final tables of various games around the year became her second nature and she kept up the winning stunt all year round. This gave her the confidence of tackling the male world and ensuring that she left her mark in every event. As a player to reckon with in the future, Jackie Glazier is sure to dazzle the world and ensure that she is taken notice of in the future too. Her willing streak will continue for a long time as her perseverance for the game has made her a winner.

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