Instant poker celebrity

It was 2005 when he won a total cash prize of $7.5 million and became instant poker celebrity after this winning. He was a very famous poker player and you can notice his appearance in television shows and live casinos. He was born on March 11, 1966 at Lebanon. In 1972, he moved to Australia with his family. He met with his soul mate at the age of 15 only. At that time, she was only 12.

Joseph started playing poker in his teenage. It was 1990s when he decided to switch Texas Holdem play. It was a wise decision by Joseph where he was able to manage multiple victories during his complete life history. Joseph was a mortgage broker and he was playing poker in his spare time only. You can also remember this great player as a semi professional poker player.

He was regularly playing poker game at poker stars website. He became serious about his play during 2005 when he moved to Las Vegas with his brother. Now his mission was to win a big jackpot and he was able to achieve his goal soon. He was performing very well in No Limit Texas Holdem tournament. He was the only Australian to win such a big event. Now he was a multi millionaire poker celebrity after WSOP 2005 main event.

He was a nice man and spending most of his time with his family. There was nothing important for him more than his family. He was visiting international poker tournaments with his wife and four children. He never looked back after WSOP 2005 main event. He again won a big cash prize at WSOP 2006 poker event. He made the final times two times which was quite amazing and appreciable. He has also won WTP tile and WSOP main event.

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